What is PLR?
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Welcome to The PLR Connection!

I've created this website as a free resource to help website owners find great private label rights content for their sites and save them loads of time and money in the process.

You will also find answers to your questions about private label rights and reviews of the absolute best in PLR and internet marketing products.

One of the most common questions that I am asked is "What is PLR?" and "How Can I Make Money with PLR Products?". Keep reading for answers to these questions...

If you have been involved in internet marketing for a while, you will no doubt have heard the term "private label rights" or PLR.

So what is PLR and how is it different from other licences such as master resale rights? You may also be wondering whether the differences should matter to you.

The following video will give you a good explanation of PLR.

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The term PLR refers to the product which may simply be an article pack or a complete marketing package, which might include audio recordings and e-books. The PLR product will come with a licence that gives the purchaser the right to use the content in whatever way he or she chooses.

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The writing or recording will have been produced by someone else, and may also include a website template along with the appropriate graphics, a sales letter and a squeeze page. Rather than marketing it himself, the author will decide to make it available for sale to many people looking for web content.

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What is a PLR Membership?

While some PLR sites have no membership, others are membership-based so the number of buyers is limited. You are likely to receive more content from a membership-based site but you may find that some of it is not relevant to the niches you want. PLR sites with no memberships allow you to pick and choose the niche topics you require so none of the content ends up being filed away on your computer and not being used.

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What is a PLR Licence?

When you buy a PLR product, you are given a licence which outlines exactly what you can and cannot do with the content. Obviously, the best PLR packages are those with an unconditional licence that doesn't restrict the new owner in any way. This allows you as the new owner to add your own name, add or delete sections, and even sell it for your own price. It's just as though you are the original author with none of the work of writing!

PLR with an unconditional licence may have only one stipulation - you may not be able to resell it to others as PLR content. It is important to shop around for PLR content. You should check the wording in the licence and should only buy the package if you can agree to the terms.

Before you buy the PLR package, if you are able to copy a small amount of the text, it's a good idea to check it in Google (in quotes) to determine the number of times it appears on the internet. This will give you an idea of the number of other people who have bought the package.

Totally unconditional PLR can definitely save you time and money. You will get high quality and well-designed content for $50 to $200 that will save you from having to spend countless hours developing it yourself. It will also save you the pile of money it would cost you to have a freelancer produce something similar. If your time and money are precious to you, PLR can be the answer to your prayers.

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